Market Principles Committee

This Committee is focused on identifying and advancing market-based principles adopted by EMA, through the development and dissemination of educational resources and informational toolkits for EMA members and environmental market stakeholders. 
Chair: Christian Hofer, Sol Systems 
Board of Directors Liaison: George Tung, NextEra Energy Power Marketing LLC 
Recommended Principles for Market-based Solutions

EMA strongly supports the utilization of markets to achieve environmental policy goals. Well-designed markets yield many benefits including, but not limited to, transparent price signals determined through competition, risk mitigation opportunities, incentives for technological innovation, efficient allocation of capital and resources, investor certainty, and ratepayer protection.  To that end, EMA endorses the following principles for meeting environmental policy goals through market-based programs:

  • Tradeable Products
  • Market-Based Pricing 
  • Market Design that Fosters Transparency, Competition, and Liquidity
  • Market Oversight 
  • Market Integrity and Stability

Best Practice Priciples for REC Markets
EMA has established a set of Best Practice Principles for Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Markets, which can be applied to construct tradable REC markets that achieve RPS policy objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

More Information: To view existing EMA position papers and other resources, visit the News & Resources page.
How to Participate: Email to join this committee.