2017 Annual Meeting Presentations

Thursday, September 28
Keynote Presentation - Richard L. Sandor, Ph.D., Dr., Sc.h.c., Chairman and CEO, American Financial Exchange, LLC
Carbon / RGGI Panel – What’s Next after the Clean Power Plan? - California extends its cap and trade program, by more than a 2-1 voting margin. The White House withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement. Various groups including states and cities assert they will step up.

Updates on Exisiting Markets - This panel aims to update on current developments and trends in existing environmental markets in the Eastern U.S. including SO2 & NOx (under the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule) and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) as well as other relevant existing environmental markets including the North American Renewable Fuels markets and E.U. Emissions Trading Scheme. 

  • ModeratorDan Scarbrough, IncubEx
  • Panelist: Mike Kierstead, Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.
  • Panelist: Michael Ball, Argus Media
  • Panelist: Adam Raphaely, Mercuria Energy Trading Inc.

General REC Market Panel

Regional Environmental Attribute Tracking Systems - This panel will discuss the evolution of these tracking systems and their important role assisting states reach their environmental goals.

Water Nutrient Credits - The use of trading programs for improving water quality is growing in several states. The panel will focus on existing programs and emerging opportunities for use of market based approaches. Speakers will include regulators, policy experts, credit generators, and auction managers. A principal topic will be how to design and implement water quality credit programs. The panel will explore the possibility of creating new markets for nutrient /phosphorus credits.

  • Moderator: Jeffrey Fort, Dentons
  • Panelist: Gerry Keenan, Illinois Pollution Control Board
  • Panelist: Kathy Benini, Markit
  • Panelist: Pipa Elias, The Nature Conservancy
  • Panelist: Michael Walsh, IncubEx
  • Panelist: Jon Winsten, Winrock International


Friday, September 29 
Emerging Technologies & New Markets: Battery Storage - In alignment with EMA's mission of promoting market-based solutions for environmental challenges, this panel aims to highlight relevant emerging technologies and new markets. The panel will cover various new markets and developments we are monitoring, and their potential impact on the industry.

Developing Markets: National Energy Efficiency Registry - This session will focus the National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER), addressing questions of whether NEER will become a tradable market and how states are incorporating EE into carbon credits. The NEER has the potential to facilitate a national voluntary market by providing an accessible registry where projects and savings can be transparently reported and verified. NEER will also allow for the development of other regional EE markets based on sub-national policies.