Fall 2012 Meeting Presentations

Session I: Everything You Need To Know About the California Greenhouse Gas Market
With the first auction imminent and compliance obligations poised to begin in 2013, this session will explain the details of this new and exciting market. The panelists will offer a wide-range of perspectives and include a state regulator, a company that will have large obligations under the new program, the allowance auction system provider, and expert insights from consultants with years of experience in cap-and-trade.
Moderator: John Melby, The Melby Group
Jim Buerkle, Southern California Edison
Michael Gibbs, California Air Resources Board
Jane Lloyd, Markit
Jan Mazurek, ICF International

Session II: Not So Fast: Litigation Threats to the California Greenhouse Gas Market
Everyone is gearing up for the start of the California greenhouse gas market. Auctions have been scheduled. Plans have been made. But is all this premature? There have been at least three lawsuits challenging California's cap-and-trade program, and the possibility for more looms. This panel will discuss the cases that have been filed and the possible ramifications for the new market.
Moderator: Allison Wood, Hunton & Williams
Cara Horowitz, Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment, UCLA School of Law
Thomas McHenry, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Session III: Traditional Emissions Markets: What’s Up With NOx and SO2 in the Aftermath of the Litigation Over the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
This session will explore the current state of the NOx and SO2 markets, particularly in the aftermath of the D.C. Circuit’s decision to vacate the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).The panelists will explain the court’s decision, what the next steps could be, how it is affecting regulated entities, and what the impact has been on these traditional emissions markets.
Moderator: Gary Hart, ICAP
Bruce Braine, AEP
Karl Karg, Latham and Watkins
Dan Scarbrough, IntercontinentalExchange
Session IV: Offset Credits: Early Action and CCOs
We know that emission offsets are key tools for controlling costs. This panel will discuss the current state of the market for compliance offsets and the new terminology for the ARB Offset Markets. Privately owned Registries and Programs for Early Action Offsets will play a key role including for processing and issuance of Registry Offset Credits and ARB Offset Credits. Panelists include offset project developers and registry representatives to provide a real transactional view of the offset market and potential supply, and potential insurance products.
Moderator: Jeff Fort, SNR Denton
Belinda Morris, American Carbon Registry
Patrick Pfeiffer, EOS Climate, Inc.
Morgan Hagerty, CE2 Carbon Capital
Session V: Other Markets: The Three Rs―Renewables, RECs, and RGGI
With all of the focus on the emerging California GHG market, other markets outside of California aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions have taken a back seat. This session will discuss the current state of the markets for renewables and RECs outside of California and will explain the current status of the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
Moderator: Joe Roenbeck, PSEG
William Nelson, Bloomberg New Energy Finance 
Session VI: It’s Not All About Greenhouse Gases: The California REC Markets
With all of the excitement surrounding the start of California’s new greenhouse gas market, it is easy to overlook California’s existing markets for RECs. This session will provide an update on this market, its current status, and how it might be impacted by the new greenhouse gas market.
Moderator: Dan Scarbrough, IntercontinentalExchange
Steve Fine, ICF International
Erin Eckenrod, EDP Renewables North America
Session VII: Investor Outlook on Environmental Markets
California's AB32 implementation is changing the landscape for investors in energy, fuels, efficiency and carbon mitigation projects.  Come hear how effectively the changing and emerging markets for carbon, renewable energy and low carbon fuels both help and hinder investor risk.
Moderator: Kedin Kilgore
Jeff King, Scotiabank
Blake Schaefer, Platinum Partners
Jason Patrick, Real Options International
Session VIII: Who Needs Congress? Can EPA Create a Greenhouse Gas Market Under the Clean Air Act?
For years it was believed that Congress would create a national greenhouse gas market to address climate change. With Congressional action on greenhouse gases all but out of the picture, is there another way forward to a national market? This panel will discuss EPA's power under the Clean Air Act and the possible mechanisms by which it might create such a market.
Moderator: Allison Wood, Hunton & Williams
Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future
Tauna Szymanski, Hunton & Williams