All memberships include discounts on registration fees to the Annual Meeting and Regional Round Tables, and allow members to participate in EMA member committees and activities (please see below for membership benefits). To receive your complimentary conference pass(es) and/or your discount on Conference registration, please contact EMA Staff. Additional benefits: 


Gold Corporate Membership: Includes 4 complimentary Conference passes & 4 complimentary Regional Meeting passes

Silver Corporate Membership: Includes 2 complimentary Conference pass & 2 complimentary Regional Meeting pass

Bronze Corporate Membership: Includes 3 Discounts of 50% off Conference registration

Green Individual Membership: Includes 1 Discount of 50% off Conference Registration

Blue Organization Membership: Available for government agencies, registered non-profits, and academic institutions. 

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Questions about membership? Contact EMA Member Services at or 202-591-2465.