Emissions Trading Handbook

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The Emissions Trading Education Initiative (ETEI), a joint project of the Environmental Defense Fund and the EMA, is pleased to announce the publication of the Emissions Trading Handbook.
The Handbook is designed to be the resource of first reference on emissions trading. The Handbook walks through the emissions trading process step by step and is designed to provide a practical guide to environmental-based trading programs.
Handbook Highlights

  • History of Emissions Trading
    The Handbook includes a brief history of emissions trading and case studies laying out how it has been applied.
  • Applying Emissions Trading to Other Environmental Markets
    The Handbook looks at new applications of emissions trading as well as some possible future applications of this policy tool.
  • Basics of Trading
    Call it "Emissions Trading 101" (and a little more). The Handbook covers the trading process from the initial buy/sell decision process through the sealing of a deal - and beyond.
  • Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and Advanced Transaction Structures
    The Handbook walks through trading's use as a portfolio and risk management tool, and then provides a guide to the various types of trading arrangements.
  • Glossary
    The Handbook has a complete section devoted to defining the terms underpinning emissions trading, as well as the terms defining the environmental challenges driving this policy tool.